October 21, 2011

No Post Today

Sorry ladies I am sorry that I won't have a post for you today.  When I went home at lunch I found my craft room turned upside down.  One of my shelving units which hold all my scrapbooking albums, cricut cartridges and some other crafting supplies I have come tumbling down and had left my room in a disaster.  Broken glass, broken albums and I am not sure what else I will find.  I closed the door behind me and headed back to work so you can all imagine what I will be doing all night tonight.  I am so not happy.  The wooden braces holding up the shelving unit split with the woograin.  Wish me luck!!


Vicky said...

Oh no sorry to hear that wendy hope its not too bad,

kim.scrapper said...

Wendy, oh no...I am so glad nobody was around when it fell although I know it can't be much fun cleaning up the mess. I am glad you didn't get hurt.