October 29, 2011

Home Decor Witches Hat

Good morning everyone!  Today I will be busy getting ready for my Halloween Party!  Exciting!  | have another home decor project for you which I cannot take credit for Nancy over on YT was my inspiration for this one!  Thanks Nancy!

I used a piece of chipboard for the base and a paper mache cone for the hat.  I purchased an assortment of floral from Michaels and of course just had to add I Am Roses to my project.  I used Lindy's to spray a tint of purple glitz to the hat and voila, perfecto!!  I love it and will be keeping it around for a few years to come.

Enjoy the rest of your day and will see you back here tomorrow!



Dilsaver Designs said...

Great embellishments on your fun hat :)

Jackie said...

Love the hat, I love home made witches hats of all sizes, shapes, and embellishments. Good job.