June 15, 2011

Wednesday Write Up!!

So I thought it would be fun to give you a weekly series which I am going to call Wednesday Write Up which I will review products that I have tried, or received recently.  Some of you may not have the availability to try new products because of location or uncertainty so I am hopefully here to help and maybe encourage you to try something new!  Please be sure to ask any questions should you have any and I will try to answer them. 

To start things off this week I wanted to tell you about a new magazine subscription that I have ordered and I just got my first copy in the mail!!  I have purchased a subscription to the Cricut Magazine that can be ordered through Northridge Publishing.  This cute magazine which measures about 9x9 is full of information.  All pictures are colored with details relating to size and cricut cartridges used.  You will also find step by step instructions on how-to projects.  I do live in Canada and I am happy to report that the magazine was covered and could not be damaged by weather conditions.  Nothing worse than receiving a soggy magazine!
You also have the option of receiving this magazine through email and although it is cheaper you don't get the full clarity of the magazine.  I guess I am a hands on girl!    I do find the subscription a little on the pricey side as it cost me 45.00 for 6 issues but I can assure you that you are getting your money's worth.  Tons of inspiration for cards, scrapbook pages and home decor.  This magazine gets 2 thumbs up from me!

I hope you have enjoyed this series and we will see you back here tomorrow for another project!


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girlia said...

great commentary. I was wondering if the magazine was worth it.