April 7, 2011

French Memo Board

So when I was doing some cleaning up in my craft room I found a couple of canvases and my first thought was to get rid of them.  Well I am happy to announce that I didn't get rid of them and I put them to good use.  With a few buttons, ribbon and some material I made not 1 but 2 french memo boards.  They are by no means perfect and not very big but they filled a spot on my wall that needed a little something.  Problem is I don't have too many cards from my fellow crafters to display them :( 

Let me know what you think and would love to hear how and where you display your crafty things.

Until Tomorrow,

1 comment:

McVic said...

Cute! love the idea! I hang my cards on a ribbon on the wall.. Im sure tons of others do this too... There is a picture on my blog.