June 12, 2010

Hello everyone! Yesterday was a big day in my household, my youngest son turned 16 and you know what that means. Driver's liscence, and of course he passed with flying colors. So watch out people we have another driver on the roadways! He also received from his aunt and uncle tickets to see BonJovi in concert in July, his first concert. How sweet is that! I must mention that he has been working very hard to pay off a brand spankin new 2009 kawasaki dirt bike since this winter and amongst family we have paid it off for him so he was able to have it for his "Sweet 16" and let's just say PRICELESS!! The look on his face was more than I expected.

Any hoot on to today's project which I am very excited about! I have recently renovated a bathroom in my home and needless to say was having a little bit of difficulty decorating some of the walls, was just missing something but not anymore!! Take a look at my very first decor elements project! Enjoy!

Supplies Used

Chocolate Decor Elements Sheets
Decor Elements Applicator
1/2 circle punch
Calligraphy Cartridge from the Cricut cut at 4' and 3.5', sorry!


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