February 5, 2012

Oh My Word!

Just when you think you might get ahead something get's in the way!  Without giving you all a sop story I ended up with a sinus infection, my poor 3.5 month old puppy Maya is on her second round of antibiotics because of a urinary tract infection and my 1 year old puppy Nala ended up on antibiotics as well because of vomiting.  Gosh does it ever end!

I have to be honest I have been posting on YT more frequently as it is sometimes just easier to show and tell rather than trying to get a blog post up.  My bad!  Having said that over the next couple of days I will be posting some of my videos.  A few hauls, a few layouts and a few cards!  Hope you will pop by!

I am also very excited about a new purchase that I have made, although it is not in my hands yet I hope to have it at the end of the week.  I bought a used Silhouette SD!!!  I could not justify spending the money for the Cameo, not yet anyway!  I will be selling my E2 so if any of you know someone from Canada that's looking for one let me know.  It's only been used a couple of times.  I have the Imagine and have been making much more use out of it instead.

So will see you back here tomorrow with a video!


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kim.scrapper said...

I hope everyone feels better soon. Isn't that always the way?